Filmology are the UK’s leading cinema and movie promotions agency. We are a part of Sodexo; a multi award-winning marketing services group of companies dedicated to improving businesses performance across the globe.

For over 10 years we have worked with cinema exhibitors, film distributors and many major brands to design and execute innovative sales promotion campaigns using cinema as a hook, and to provide our clients with direct access to cinema tickets in large volumes. The tickets that we sell tickets are used to recognise ability, incentivise employees, encourage participation and increase awareness – they’re highly desirable and easy to administer.

In 2008 Filmology brought together a consortium of over 200 independent operators and introduced the first cross-brand product to the UK market, The Independent Cinema Ticket, now known simply as the IC Cinema ticket. The ticket could be redeemed at any participating cinema for any film at any time, and as it was a full-priced ticket paid for in advance, Pass Ban’s and Free List Suspensions didn’t apply. In simple terms, a Book Token for cinema.

If you operate an independent cinema, or a chain of cinemas and you’re not already involved, please get in touch – you’ll be glad that you did.

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